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Jack and Jill
by Jane Martin

Setting: The Present, in various locations

Performed by:
Christopher Soczak
Brenda McLean

Male Chorus: Richard Kellie
Female Chorus: Jennifer Taylor

Poster Design: Dave Pruden
Logo Design: Sandy Schumann
Festival technician: Eric Bosse

Direction and Production Design:
Eric Bosse
Brenda McLean
Christopher Sobczak

"A cheer for Jack and Jill!"
-Winnipeg Free Press

    A cheer for Jack and Jill - a long Fringe play that is worthy of the extra time.     Produced by Winnipeg's Incarnate Theatre Collective, Jack and Jill is a tight, funny presentation of a Jane Martin play about two young people looking for love amid the wreckage of sexual politics and emotional baggage. Winnipeg's Incarnate Theatre Collective certainly had their hands full with this play; the rapier dialogue and pace of Martin's script requires expert timing and stamina.
   Fortunately actors Brenda MacLean and Christopher Sobczak are more than up to the challenge.
    MacLean and Sobczak rattle off the witty and complex dialogue like an old couple, which is exactly the point. MacLean in particular brings an on-the-verge-of-a-nervous-breakdown quality to her performance that, by the end of the play, makes her character genuinely likeable and sympathetic. The play is enhanced by efficient direction and staging that results in a seamless, extremely well-paced theatre experience.

Dan Lett
-Winnipeg Free Press

Christopher Sobczak Brenda McLean Eric Bosse Jennifer Taylor Richard Kellie

Read the four-and-a-half-star review in The Winnipeg Sun by Jill Wilson