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screen shot of video backdrop, boiler room

The Hairy Ape
by Eugene O'Neill

"Step forward ladies and gents! STEP RIGHT UP and take a slant at da one and only, one and original hairy ape! CLANG-CLANG-RATTLE-BING-BANG! Strum it LOUD just to rattle his cage! Comic and dark, The Hairy Ape descends into the world of Yank, a steamship stokeholder whose magnificent power has made him a god in his own fiery hell. THEATRE INCARNATE presents a wild and fantastical play where a man can convert iron into steel - steel into speed - and a beautiful girl can bring an ape to his knees.

"Theatre Incarnate skillfully rethinks the eight-scene parable... by framing O'Neill's angry class brawl as an eight-round boxing match. It gives clarity and symbolic form to a deliberately polemical play sympathetic to the plight of the modern industrial worker..."

Kevin Prokosh, The Winnipeg Free Press, 4 star Theatre Review

Park Theatre, Osborne Street S.
8 PM nightly
January 19th to February 5th, 2006

Running Time: 100 mins.
Warning: Language, Content
Seating Capacity: 150 (rush seating)

The performers:
  Delf Gravert
Karl Eckstrand
Tony Hart
Brenda McLean
Jacqueline Loewen
Colin Campbell
Christina York
Derek Zorniak
Christopher Sobczak
Brenda McLean and Christopher Sobczak
Lighting Design:
Eric Bosse
Background Video "Kinetiscape":
Richard Kellie
Poster and Original Graphic Art:
Dave Pruden
Assistant Stage Manager:
Katarina Vitek